Thursday, October 1, 2009

Devotion of a Dog

And on a more serious note.....

I'm a sucker for an animal story. Whether it's sad, happy or inspirational, a tale about an animal will get my attention every time. Tell me a good dog story and my ear is really turned in your direction. You see, I think dogs are one of the smartest creatures walking the earth. Why, you may say? Well, they've totally figured mankind out and what it takes to have us under their spell. They can work us to the point we wait on them, cook for them, house them, entertain them, buy them friends, clothes, beds, pedicures, hairstylists, give them vacations and a wealth of other things, but best of all, we absolutely love being under their thumbs. Pretty damn smart if you ask me.

Now I come to another fascinating dog story of how they return their thanks by giving us an undivided loyalty that we will never find in another human, including our mother. There was a car accident and a family of five was involved. The car flipped numerous times and everyone inside of the vehicle was alive but injured badly. The damage was so bad everyone figured the family pet, a rottweiler, had perished in the crash. The dog could not be found in either the wreckage or the surrounding woods. After several weeks it was assumed the poor dog had been fatally wounded in the crash and had taken itself to the woods to die. The hospitalized family could do no more than grieve the loss of their family friend.

In the meantime, a lady who rescues stray pets, was driving down the crash road and came upon an emaciated rottweiler standing on the side of the road, looking lost and frightened. She pulled over and to her surprise the dog comes to her. The lady could instantly see the dog belonged to someone just from her demeanor. Getting out of the car she goes to the side of the road where the dog had been standing and sees this little pile of papers, a shoe and other personal belongings neatly together.

She suddenly remembers the horrible crash that had happened there weeks before. In the pile she finds a weathered tablet of paper with the owners insurance information on it. The lady is instantly sure this is the family dog that nobody ever found. Here the dog waited, the last known place of his family and having experienced first hand the terrible trauma of that night. The dog had neatly gathered his family's personal effects and stacked them all together in a neat little pile....patiently waiting for them to come back and get him.

The lady got in touch with the owners who were overjoyed by the find. Unfortunately, while they were hospitalized they lost their home and now are living in an apartment that does not allow pets. The lady who rescued the dear dog has agreed to house him until the family can move to a place where he can finally come home.

And some people think dogs are stupid and don't feel or think things out. Just a bunch of dumb asses if you ask me. Obviously this dog was driven by something emotionally deeper than his next meal. Could it be a love so deep that we as humans will never understand because we aren't capable of loving in such as way? I don't know, but I do know one thing....dogs rock and they're some of the most brilliant people I know. Their friendship is mine with no strings attached.

As an Indian creation story goes......when God made the earth he decided to place man in charge of it. He split the ground, leaving all the other animals on one side and man standing on the other, alone. As the earth split and a great divide began to form between the two sides, dog jumped across and stood by man's side...and that's where he still stands today.

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