Saturday, October 24, 2009

Jon and Kate....Give me a Fricking Break!

There is no way in hell these two people will ever work out any differences they have between them, with the news people constantly glaring at every move they make. How many couples could survive or even think about ironing out their differences with a T.V. camera stuck down your throat 24 -7? If keeping a working relationship together isn't hard enough in real life, try doing it with eight kids running around and someone reporting on everything you say, do or wear. Yep, they asked for it by becoming public figures, but enough all ready. Kate and Jon give me a fricking break!

I remember seeing her long before they got their show. Her skin was so bagged out from having those kids, she had enough to cover another person. It was a medical special and she got stretched and revamped to look normal again. I admit, it was interesting to see what plastic surgeons could do to a woman who was so stretched out. And Jon......well he struck me as a good, upright man who loved his wife, even if he probably got lost in the folds of skin. Heck, even Kate seemed nice at that time, even a bit humble.

Then the show came.....well, I always thought Kate was a controlling bitch! I hate bitchy women who consume their lives with ordering people around, especially the ones who love them the most. Any of the shows I watched, I always felt sorry for Jon. Yep, I'm a women, but that doesn't mean I side with women just because of that. There are a bunch of women who are wrong in the way they act and their men are right. Some women should not be allowed to keep the kids, just because they are called "mother". There are many times the man can do just as good of a job, or even better.

I was on Jon's side until he became a media feeding shark. I don't care if he started dating someone else. I can only assume being married to a bitch like Kate would make one want to date the German Shepard down the street. Anything would be better that living with her. But then he had to go and ruin it for himself by acting out like an idiot. I lost respect for him because of his stupid moves, not because of his love life. He should have just kept his mouth shut and allowed his bitch wife to just keep being herself. He didn't have to do or say one thing, her mouth and actions spoke for herself. Until he ruined it, I actually felt sorry for him.

Kate and Jon, please just go away and destroy your lives in private. Who really gives a shit anymore? You're old news and the public will soon move on. If Kate gets her own T.V. show, I can't imagine it will last for long. Who gives a crap what she says or can do. She's a bitch. I've never seen friends over to her house. Why.....because she's a bitch and people don't want to be around her. Get a clue woman, raise your kids and stay out of the spotlight.....try being nice. You might actually develop friendships. The kids are still young and you still might have a chance to raise them correctly. Hopefully you teach the girls how not to be like you......a controlling tyrant. They might grow up and actually be able to have good relationships with men.

Jon, you whining little baby.....just shut up! You've ruined it for yourself and you deserve it. If you weren't so stupid, the bitch would have done herself in. The public doesn't care anymore. You both earned a ton of money at the sake of your marriage and family. Be happy and just admit you both screwed things up. It's no longer about her or him, it should be about those eight kids who need parents, despite how much money flows through the house. Turn the cameras off and try to become parents again. Just because you don't live together or even like each other, you both can still be good parents and it takes more than money to accomplish that.

Now that I've had my rant.......Kate and ain't so great...go get a life!

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