Friday, November 12, 2010

The Hummingbird

I've been looking at my backyard for a few weeks now wondering when I'm going to get the enthusiasm to tackle the jungle I've created. My sole purpose in planting so much stuff was to create a wildlife habitat for my local wildlife friends and their northern friends when they stop by for their annual southern visit. Also, being one block from the Atlantic Ocean, I needed to create a barrier from the hurricane winds that occasionally pay their visit. Fortunately, several years ago when my area was ravaged by several hurricanes, my 35 year old house stood tall and strong, saved by the jungle I'd tirelessly planted over the years. Like loving arms my huge bougainvillea wrapped around the back of my house sheltering it from harm. Newer and more manicured homes in the area were not so fortunate, as their roofs were ripped apart by the destructive 130 mph winds. I guess there's something to say for having a jungleized mess.

I was in the backyard placing sunflower seeds out for my pack of squirrels I've adopted and I kept hearing these strange sounds coming from the bushes by my daughter's bedroom. I didn't recognize the sound but knew it was some sort of bird. I figured one of my regular northern visitors was beckoning his welcome call letting me know it was here. I was wrong.

I went into the bedroom and looked out the window and there he was, a ruby-throated hummingbird fluttering away about 1000 mph drinking nectar from my firespike bushes. The humming sound was so loud and it kept making these faint little chirping sounds. The little hummer was probably six inches from me and had no problem allowing me to watch his nectar drinking from the bright red, tubular flowers. I kept watching for about 10 minutes until it buzzed out of site looking for something else to drink from.

The little guy gave me a new appreciation for my over planted yard. I thought about many of the yards in my neighborhood and wondered how many people planted anything with an animal, butterfly or bird in mind. It wasn't the first hummingbird I've seen grace my presence, but it was probably the closest I'd ever been to one. Florida hummers aren't as colorful as many others that grace other areas of the United States, but they are just as spectacular.

The ever deep thinker I am (sometimes too much for my own good), the tiny bird made me wonder just what us humans had brought to this planet we call home since our arrival. For the life of me I couldn't think of one thing that was positive. Every invention we've created has been for our own good and not for Mother Nature, or the beautiful planet she allows us to reside on. It seems we destruct for our own pleasure and then perhaps create something to clean up our mess.

I hope when she smacks us down with her heavy hand some small creature puts in the good word for me. My neighbors probably wish I had a clean, pristine looking yard with every plant placed in an organized fashion, but I figure the good old mother will take one look at the mess and give me a hall pass. If you'd like hummers to visit your yard, plants that produce tubular flowers such as firespike and coral vine are good choices. They are also native to North America, making them hardy additions to any garden. Hummers really go for bright red flowers that are tubular in shape. May you be graced with a visit from a tiny bird that gives you an excuse not to do yard work for one more day.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Cassadaga and My Rebirth

Ever since my fateful trip to Cassadaga, I've really been trying to tune into that inner, spiritual side I know I've been blessed with. I've waited to see if what Hazel Tomim told me would come true. Despite the demons of menopausal hot flashes and hormonal rages that send my big, burly husband into "scared bunny" mode, personal hurts and disappointments, working two jobs and life changes at home and outside, I've really been trying to listen to what the other side is trying desperately to say to me. It's funny what you can learn from yourself if you take the time to listen.

Always being a hard-headed person and quite stubborn to say it politely, I think I block most of what is being said to me from my spirit guides. Yes, spirit guides. Since my trip to that blessed little hamlet of Cassadaga, I really feel a change in myself inwardly. It's funny how one small event can make an impact on you, when you've had a ton of other more significant events that should have done so sooner. I think communicating to another person who sees more than your outer appearance and sees that inner, secret side of you, is life changing. At least it was for me. Walking the planet and keeping your "special side" locked up is a bitch! People don't believe you, or think you're making something up. The times are changing and people are growing more accepting. I think because there are a ton of people like me out secret lives because very few of the people around them believe them. It's easier to be quiet.

Ever since I finally started listening to that little voice that has desperately been working overtime to get me to listen, my life has become filled with a certain peace. Everything has seemed to start falling right in place. Don't get me wrong, my life isn't Disney World, but it's okay. Trying to juggle work, home, finances, family and life in general, has been crazy the past year. Numerous times my spirit guide has visited me at night and told me the path I should take and what certain outcomes would be....but no, the Taurus in me heard, but felt compelled to carry on my own special path. What my dreams told me came true, despite the rocky road I chose.

Finally, I've started listening and quite surprisingly life has seemed to mellow and everything seems to be falling right in place. I don't think I've felt so at peace with my existence and purpose on this planet in quite a long time. When I look into the mirror I like the person I see because she is kind, loving, faithful, diligent, hard working and simply nice. What in the hell took me so long to listen, I don't know. I do know that following the path that seems to be chosen for me is a hell of a lot easier to walk than the difficult one I desperately tried to scale.

Once upon a time I was once told that you should go back and take shit and keep on taking it until you got so fed up with it you'd walk away for good. I've never forgot that statement and what it truly signifies. I've applied that with my own life of late and it's been for the better. I also believe that my spirit guides were telling me I'd eaten enough and now it was time to follow them. I ate until I was gorged, vomited up the poison and walked away never to look back. I felt like I'd taken a spiritual laxative. Sometime you've just got to do that with life. Between that life altering statement once spoken to me and the trip to Cassadaga, which opened my spiritual ears and eyes, I feel I've experienced a rebirth.

I also think that if people would take a trip to Cassadaga, or any other true spiritual reader and allow someone to look inside their inner being, there wouldn't be so much depression and unhappiness. They wouldn't need to go to psychologists, because some would look into their inner soul and see how it ticks. You might get answers to questions you weren't even asking. Of course, you'll want to make that change yourself, because all the spirit guides and psychic mediums in the world can't make it for matter what insight they give you of yourself.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Cassadaga....Making Memories

North of Orlando is the little town of Cassadaga. You'd never know it was even there unless you were on a mission to find it. Since the early 1800s this tiny little map dot has housed a community of psychics. They didn't advertise or try to make the village-like place commercial, but of course there's always someone out there wanting to make a buck and scam eager money givers looking for solutions to life's problems. Now there is a hotel and several other outfits that according to the serious locals are pure scammers, basically stealing people's money. The real residents of Cassadaga don't want them there because they're making a mockery of having a true gift.

After waiting almost 25 years to get there with numerous discussions about planning a trip, the event finally took place. I researched heavily, wanting to sidestep the scammers and get to the "real" people. From what I understood, the greeting center/bookstore is the place to go, where you can locate mediums and healers that are real and not out to rob you. It seems everything on the other side of the street of the bookstore/greeting center is not really condoned by the Cassadaga spiritual community. They are the scammers and people should be skeptical. They're the ones who give true psychics a bad name.

The banner advertising was warning enough for me. That side of the street seemed more like a row of fast food restaurants advertising everything from past life regressions, tarot card readings, aura photographs, medium readings, Indian shamans (who looked as much like Indians as I look like Jesse Jackson), all the way to getting your hair done or eating a chicken wrap. It really was pretty obvious that this side of the street was the Disneyland of Cassadaga.

The other side of town was lined with little old wooden houses build in the old Florida style, with front porches wrapping the front and century old trees lining the narrow streets. Other than an occasional wooden sign hardly visible from the street advertising the person inside did readings, you had the feeling you'd stepped 100 years back into the past. It was quaint, quiet, very noncommercial and everyone was so nice. This was the side of town the serious psychics resided and they were hidden inside their little wood houses.

My friend and I made an appointment with a lady we both felt a connection. It was just a name but both felt drawn to her. I figured why not? What in the heck did we have to lose...a couple of bucks but we'd sure as hell be making a memory. When you go inside the bookstore there's a list of psychics available that day and you can call on the house phone and see if they can take you that day. We called, the lady accepted and we waited until our afternoon appointment.

My friend went first and I waited outside on the front porch listening to the wind chimes blow in the hot summer breeze. I had to admit there was an aura about the place, in fact, I was so relaxed by the time it was my turn I had no hesitations at all. We couldn't go inside with each other and as hard as I tried I couldn't hear what was being said to my friend. I did hear an occasional high gasp from her, as if the lady had spoken something surprising.

I personally have experienced psychic activities my whole life. As far back as I can remember I had weird things happen. Of course back in those days nobody wanted to hear it, so my mom ignored me and told me it wasn't real. I grew up feeling quite alone with these things and learned to live with them and even shut them down. My trip to Cassadaga wasn't to find healing, look into my future but to find a validation of what I was living with within myself. I wanted to see if anyone else could sense these things about me and if they were real or I was more insane than I already knew I was.

My friend and I had discussed we both would not reveal a thing about ourselves to give the lady any clues she could work off of. We both went in looking for generalizations that could be told to any person walking on the street. I was pretty sure by my experiences alone I'd be able to tell if this lady was a fraud. When my friend exited the front door to take her place upon the couch, there just was something different about her. Her aura didn't seem quite so heavy anymore. Let me tell you, that was a good thing because this woman has been living through hell lately. We couldn't talk quite yet, but I knew something good had happened to her inside that front door.

It was my turn......the lady first started off by telling me that I was gifted and she could see that I had strong psychic abilities since I was a child, forever. She told me that with a little training I could even be a medium my senses were so strong, but she didn't think that was in my path to want to do this type of thing professionally. She then said that I would understand that she was human and she might make a mistake by misinterpreting what a spirit was saying. I respected that, she picked up on my feeling that I could smell a fraud a mile away. She didn't say this to my friend.

The reading began by her holding my wedding ring, which doesn't look a thing like a wedding ring. She was so right on with everything that it was almost crazy. I told her nothing and she told me about my husband....everything about my husband. She told me I had my daughter and described my daughter to a tee. She also told me about my daughter's current relationship and what would happen. Now mind you, I never mentioned anyone or any of this to her. She was so right it was uncanny. She told me about myself... past, present and future and she was right (the future is yet to see). She told me about friendship and she was right. She even knew my husband was in limbo with his job and might lose it any time. I hope she's right on this one because she felt he'd be okay and everything was going to be fine.

She then moved on to a subject which only someone who knew me would absolute devotion to animals. She told me there were a bunch of animals waiting for me and one dog in particular hung around me regularly. I can think of two I've owned in my life that might hang around. She told me about a dog I own now and how special he was and that he was connected to me and could see spirits when they were around. She asked me if I'd had an experience with him where he was telling me a spirit was present because she saw this.

Well, the dang dog was in our spare bedroom a couple of years ago barking like hell. He never goes in there nor does anyone else, the door is closed as it's basically become the spare store room. There's a picture of my mother hanging over the bed of her at 17. I go to the dog to see what's up and he's staring at my mother's picture barking like hell and growling. I shoo him out and close the door. Later that night I realize it was the anniversary of my mother's death and I'd forgot. I believe she was reminding me through the dog. This woman was dead on with my dog.

The greatest thing about the reading was hearing from my father. This woman had no idea my parents were dead because I'm young enough that they should still be alive. She hit both of them right on the head with the nail she was so correct. I was glad for once in her life my mother stood out of the spotlight and let dad speak to me. I loved my mom but I loved my dad. He was my rock of unconditional love and it was good to know he was with me and was not always going to be overpowered by mom.

This woman told me so many things that it was unbelievable how dead on she was about specific things in my life that are mine alone and not the general public's. Even with the above examples there's no way to explain it all and to some it probably sounds way too crazy. My friend's experience was also so dead on right it was almost scary. She too was moved when we left the town.

My day at Cassadaga was definitely one I'll remember for a long time. I'm sure there are a lot of skeptics that have the right to be so. There are a bunch of scammers out there that ruin it for people who are truly blessed with a gift. Whether true or the woman was just damn lucky in her predictions and descriptions, it was a blessed experience. If anything came out of this day, I know I'm on the right path in life and it's okay to be a nice person because I am a nice person. Sure there will be ups and downs, but just hearing I'm okay and handling life and others in my life the appropriate way, was a good thing.

If you're in Central Florida and want to take a side trip back to early Florida and meet a bunch of damn, nice people......stop by Cassadaga. Ask for Hazel because this lady rocks! Remember to stay on the right side of the street though.