Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Cassadaga and My Rebirth

Ever since my fateful trip to Cassadaga, I've really been trying to tune into that inner, spiritual side I know I've been blessed with. I've waited to see if what Hazel Tomim told me would come true. Despite the demons of menopausal hot flashes and hormonal rages that send my big, burly husband into "scared bunny" mode, personal hurts and disappointments, working two jobs and life changes at home and outside, I've really been trying to listen to what the other side is trying desperately to say to me. It's funny what you can learn from yourself if you take the time to listen.

Always being a hard-headed person and quite stubborn to say it politely, I think I block most of what is being said to me from my spirit guides. Yes, spirit guides. Since my trip to that blessed little hamlet of Cassadaga, I really feel a change in myself inwardly. It's funny how one small event can make an impact on you, when you've had a ton of other more significant events that should have done so sooner. I think communicating to another person who sees more than your outer appearance and sees that inner, secret side of you, is life changing. At least it was for me. Walking the planet and keeping your "special side" locked up is a bitch! People don't believe you, or think you're making something up. The times are changing and people are growing more accepting. I think because there are a ton of people like me out secret lives because very few of the people around them believe them. It's easier to be quiet.

Ever since I finally started listening to that little voice that has desperately been working overtime to get me to listen, my life has become filled with a certain peace. Everything has seemed to start falling right in place. Don't get me wrong, my life isn't Disney World, but it's okay. Trying to juggle work, home, finances, family and life in general, has been crazy the past year. Numerous times my spirit guide has visited me at night and told me the path I should take and what certain outcomes would be....but no, the Taurus in me heard, but felt compelled to carry on my own special path. What my dreams told me came true, despite the rocky road I chose.

Finally, I've started listening and quite surprisingly life has seemed to mellow and everything seems to be falling right in place. I don't think I've felt so at peace with my existence and purpose on this planet in quite a long time. When I look into the mirror I like the person I see because she is kind, loving, faithful, diligent, hard working and simply nice. What in the hell took me so long to listen, I don't know. I do know that following the path that seems to be chosen for me is a hell of a lot easier to walk than the difficult one I desperately tried to scale.

Once upon a time I was once told that you should go back and take shit and keep on taking it until you got so fed up with it you'd walk away for good. I've never forgot that statement and what it truly signifies. I've applied that with my own life of late and it's been for the better. I also believe that my spirit guides were telling me I'd eaten enough and now it was time to follow them. I ate until I was gorged, vomited up the poison and walked away never to look back. I felt like I'd taken a spiritual laxative. Sometime you've just got to do that with life. Between that life altering statement once spoken to me and the trip to Cassadaga, which opened my spiritual ears and eyes, I feel I've experienced a rebirth.

I also think that if people would take a trip to Cassadaga, or any other true spiritual reader and allow someone to look inside their inner being, there wouldn't be so much depression and unhappiness. They wouldn't need to go to psychologists, because some would look into their inner soul and see how it ticks. You might get answers to questions you weren't even asking. Of course, you'll want to make that change yourself, because all the spirit guides and psychic mediums in the world can't make it for matter what insight they give you of yourself.

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