Friday, June 26, 2009

The Country Should Miss Michael Jackson

The death of Michael Jackson got me to thinking. This guy was three months younger than I and had been a part of my life in some way since 6th grade. I remember dancing in the gym changing room to "Stop the Love You Save May Be Your Own". Everybody loved the Jackson Five. Even my parents would sit down and watch their show every week. It was a family affair. Of course, most of the girls I knew thought Jermaine was cuter.

The Jackson family is definitely blessed with talent that is for sure. Nobody black, white, green or purple will more than likely dispute this fact. Michael was gifted beyond what most ordinary people can probably even conceive. He also had a knack for least most of his life. I'm sure everyone can name some singer they think is the greatest on earth, but I can only think of two in my lifetime that worked the industry in their favor and also won the and white. Elvis and Michael Jackson.

Both became quite rich off their careers and each was talented beyond the norm and the public loved them. Each man had an almost obsessive fan base that loved them normal, drunk, stoned or just plain weird. Each man lived a life that drastically changed over the years and it wasn't for the better. Michael whether disease ridden or not, didn't look anything like the Michael we loved in 6th grade when he died. He looked like some monster I watch in my weekly horror movies. Definitely not a man I'd leave my young child, husband, grandparents or pets around.

The majority of the United States pulled together through these Michael Jackson years, agreeing on something at last.....the dude was pretty fucked up looking, he acted pretty fucked up, his relationships with little boys seemed pretty fucked up and only a stoned person would believe they could live in a perpetual fairy tale, thus the name "Never never land"...he was fucked up!

Still, we as nation laughed together over these "white to whiter" years of Michael. Blacks, Whites, Hispanics, Asians and every nationality alike could laugh at the joke together. Children would show up at your door at Halloween sporting a rotted off Michael Jackson nose. He gave us something to enjoy together...a good laugh at someone else. No matter how righteous we try to make everyone think we are, we all love to laugh at someone else and their screwed up state and know everyone else is in on the joke too. We could do this with Michael Jackson--the nation was one. He did something the Democrats and Republicans have been trying to do for decades. I thought he was a freak but Michael you get my vote for being able to do this. Hell, he brought the North and the South together at last!

Regardless of his decaying face and life, the man could dance and sing. His song writing and choreography skills were amazing. I will miss him and the wait to hear his next song and to see if he ever straightened his life back out. I always was rooting for him, even if I was laughing my ass off with everyone else and thought he should definitely stay away from small boys. He will be missed and and a little laughter will be snubbed out of our world. I will also be left wondering...didn't he realize he was starting to look like a freak years ago and what in the hell was up with that nose?

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spamwarrior said...

It's a shame that he degenerated...He had such talent. did you know that he also started wearing women's clothes? One of Glamour magazine's blogs posted something in tribute to his fashion sense and toward the end of his life he took clothes straight off the women's fashion runways.